tripplep-logoWe are excited to announce a new parenting education program being launched in Lane County – the Positive Parenting Program, or Triple P.

Triple P is an evidence-based program, shown to be effective at improving parenting skills, reducing stress in parents, and improving the health and wellbeing of children.

There will be three phases of Triple P roll out. The phase that will reach the most Lane County families is the Stay Positive Parents campaign. This campaign will be promoted across Lane County via social media, advertisements and articles with stay-positive parenting tips and strategies. Posters and brochures with these tips and strategies are being distributed throughout February 2016 to healthcare clinics, schools and other places that reach parents. Please help share the posters and brochures with families and contact Parenting Now! at if you would like more materials.

The collaboration will also introduce Triple P positive parenting tip sheets and other parent support materials into healthcare settings so that families who are looking for support and skills can get those tips right when they need them from their children’s healthcare providers.

Finally, families on the Oregon Health Plan with Trillium will be given free access to the Triple P Online available at Parents who are unable to attend parenting groups will still be able to get free state-of-the-art parenting education in an online format, so that they can get help where they need it, when they need it.

Triple P is brought to you by Trillium Community Health Plan in partnership with Lane County Public Health, LaneKids, Parenting Now!, and Oregon Research Institute.

Five Ways to Support Triple P in Lane County
To raise awareness about Triple P and other parenting supports being offered in Lane County, a series of original articles will be published on the LaneKids website. These short articles will introduce parents to the principles of Positive Parenting in an easy to read, informative, and fun format.

Here is a list of ways you can help support this effort.

Tell your employees and volunteers about Triple P at  — and ask for their help. 

Using your internal communications methods, make your staff and volunteers aware of the program. Ask them to follow LaneKids on Facebook, so they can read the blog articles and become better informed advocates for positive parenting.

Ask your staff and volunteers to tell others (clients, friends, family, and neighbors) about Triple P at

This can be by in-person conversations, as well as by sharing the LaneKids posts on Facebook. Sharing on Facebook ensures that the posts from LaneKids will be seen by the social networks of your staff and volunteers. Sharing has a powerful multiplying effect. Not only are many more people exposed to the posts, but social sharing conveys a powerful increase in trust.

Share the LaneKids blog posts with your organization’s communications.

Your social media accounts, your website, your email newsletters, and even in printed publications can spread the word about the Triple P resources at Organizations are encouraged to write articles about the Triple P resources that are being made available in our community.

Write a social media post about why you liked a Triple P article.

When you’ve read a Triple P article you liked, share a post and provide a link back to the article on LaneKids. Facebook automatically handles making this look good and will bring a photo and headline into the post automatically.

Posters and brochures are available for distribution.

If your organization reaches young parents, especially those in underserved or low-income communities, such as OHP members, we have printed materials for you. Contact Parenting Now! at to learn more.