Regional Stewardship Committee (RSC)

To steward the regional ECE planning process and develop the ECE sector plan for the region.

The Hub Governance Council is responsible for formally charging the Regional Stewardship Committee (RSC). The RSC should function as a work group or sub committee of the Hub Governance Council, with delegated authority to oversee the development of the region’s ECE sector plan.


  • Represent the perspectives of key constituencies and communities in the regional ECE sector planning process.
  • Develop a base of common knowledge and understanding about the ECE system.
  • Contribute to the planning for and successful facilitation of family and provider engagement activities.
  • Review and make meaning of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Inform the preparation of deliverables to ELD. Prioritize issues to target in the regional ECE system plan.
  • Make recommendations to the Hub Governance Council about the structure needed to oversee the implementation of the regional ECE system plan.

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