two women, laughing and sitting together, and holding young smiling childEarly Care and Education Sector Plan

Raise Up Oregon, the statewide strategic plan for the early learning system, created by the Early Learning Council, sets a bold vision. A key part of this system is a robust sector of early care and education to support the learning and development of our state’s youngest children. As stated in Objective 2 of the plan, Oregon has a vision for a sector that ensures all “[f]amilies have access to high quality (culturally responsive, inclusive, developmentally appropriate) affordable early care and education that meets their needs.”

As part of House Bill 2025, passed during the 2019 Legislative Session, Early Learning Hubs together with Child Care Resource & Referral Entities and Head Start grantees are tasked with creating a plan that helps Oregon realize this objective. This plan, an Early Care and Education (ECE) Sector Plan, outlines a vision and roadmap for early care and education services in their region.

Phase I of Regional ECE Sector Plans will focus on the following: identifying priority populations for targeted services, the characteristics of providers best suited to serve the priority populations, the supports (e.g., shared services) needed to support these providers in delivering high quality services, and other assets within communities to further the ECE sector. Completed and approved Phase I deliverables will be integrated into the processes to inform Preschool Promise, Oregon Prekindergarten, and Early Head Start expansions, and equitable resource allocation across our state.

Lane Early Learning Alliance Phase 1 ECE Sector Plan

At-a-Glance Sector Plan (English)

At-a-Glance Sector Plan (Spanish)