Programs & Initiatives

As an Early Learning Hub, the Lane Early Learning Alliance is a self-organized community-based coordinating body created to provide a “system approach” to early childhood education that works to improve
the efficiency and outcomes for our youngest children. The Lane Early Learning Alliance helps leverage and coordinate existing programs to build on their important work, share lessons learned across service providers, and encourage the reduction of duplicated services in order to provide the most relevant and effective services to families.

Kindergarten Readiness Partnership & Innovation

The Lane Early Learning Alliance is partnering with the Kids in Transition to School (KITS) program to create measurable increases in children’s kindergarten readiness, with a focus on improving alignment between early learning programs and early elementary school.

  • KITS targets the pivotal transition to kindergarten by providing children with essential school readiness skills in early literacy, math, and approaches to learning and also equips parents with tools to support their child’s transition.

Social Innovation Fund

Through investment incommunity based organizations that have developed innovative, culturally responsiveprograms and practices, the Lane Early Learning Alliance is investing in the piloting and scaling of relevant and meaningful strategies to reach all families.

Family Support Services

Lane County’s network of thirteen school-based Family Resources Centers (FRCs) serve as a critical access point for families with children, increase early connections to neighborhood schools, and are a strong foundation for the implementation of several Lane Early Learning Alliance strategies. The FRCs are key partners in early literacy programming, parenting education activities and classes, and family engagement strategies. The Lane Early Learning Alliance is investing in building the capacity of FRCs through extended summer hours, culturally responsive programming, school transition activities and increased outreach.

Focused Childcare Networks

The Lane Early Learning Alliance partners with Quality Care Connections to identify licensed family childcare programs that serve children in our target population and to implement strategies for improved access to quality child care as measured by SPARK – a statewide program from Oregon’s Early Learning Division helping parents and families access quality child care.

"...Devoting resources to early learning programs is the most cost effective and high-yield investment we can make as a state...Children who arrive at Kindergarten ready to succeed are more likely to read at grade level in third grade, graduate high school on time, and move on successfully in life."

− Governor John Kitzhaber